( Factory ) We organize our Factories for Quality Maintaince

Daisheng Company's factories are constantly cleaned and organized to ensure the quality of our furniture production. This enhancing environment maintenance ensures a safe and efficient work environment.

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Factory & Equipment

Factories are always kept clean and organized to ensure the quality of our furniture production, and are ISO certified, with quarterly audits conducted annually. For quality control, we maintain strict indoor management of our products.

( Why Build a Factory in Vietnam? )

Origin from the migration of furniture manufacturing from Taiwan, within a decade, Vietnam has now become the main hub for life style product production zone.

Binh Duong province, where we are located, has abundant and stable supply chain for global buyers to outsource any intended life style products and furniture. We have been supplying furniture products to our global clients by solid and stable qualitative products.


Production Flow Flow

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    Wood Cutting

    We use selected lumber from around the world and cut the lumber through CNC. The unique characteristics of each piece of wood are maximized through a semi-instrumentalized process.

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    Carefully selected wood is painted and polished to create gleaming, high-quality furniture parts. Through this process, wood is transformed from material into a completed high-quality furniture part.

  • 03


    Assembled Packing

    Painted and polished furniture parts are assembled. This process combines expert craftsmanship and precision design, taking great care to ensure that each piece fits together perfectly. Design elements are taken into consideration to ensure that the final product brings harmony and beauty to the living space.

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    QC Inspection

    For the final step, we will perform scrutinized quality inspection. During this inspection, our expert staff thoroughly evaluates the durability, safety, and accuracy of the workmanship of the furniture to ensure that it meets our high standards. We ensured this process is performed in order to provide our customers with the highest quality furniture.

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    After quality checks, the products are ready for shipment. Only products that have been thoroughly checked for quality, durability and safety which meets our strict standards are shipped.